Fine, fine, fine, I’ll write a blogpost about that

April 27, 2014

One of my friends (possibly jokingly) asked me several times to write a blogpost about how good she is at pre-calc. I’ve decided to humor her and actually do it. So here goes nothing…

Her pre-calculus knowledge usually appears to be roughly equivalent to my own, but is sometimes more advanced and sometimes less advanced. Different people are good at different things, that’s nothing unusual. I do have to cut her a bit of slack though, as I attend almost every class while she always seems to miss Mondays for some reason. She must be getting the notes somewhere, as this doesn’t appear to affect her skill much. It is important to note that I’m inferring all of this from our usually similar test scores, but that may not be the whole story.

Talent in a subject is either natural or acquired, in this subject, mine is largely natural. While I may be able to solve a certain problem in my sleep (no wonder I’m not sleeping very well), to solve the same problem, she may have to go to the center of the Earth, slay the dragon that guards the molten core, use its mythical fires to forge a nuclear space pod, then send it on a collision course with the Sun, where it will surely cause an explosion that will wipe out the universe as we know it. She must then use this impending annihilation to blackmail the President of Molossia into using his diplomatic connectons to solve the problem for her. Do note that this is all wild speculation, though the fact reamins that some people have to put forth more effort than others.

I guess the point I’m trying to make with all this is: Maddy, get your own blog so you don’t have to go through my bizarre mind next time you want to post something about yourself.

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